From the salt mines to the jungle, bike ride from Salta to Jujuy

From the salt mines to the jungle is a wonderful introduction to the Andean Altiplano
March 27th, November 1st
Jujuy, Salta

Calchaquies Valleys, bike tour in northwest Argentina

The Calchaquies Valleys bike tour in Northwest Argentina is packed with highlights. This region can truly be called
September 6th

The Andes Cross through Vergara Pass

The Andes cross will take you over and through the Andes Range. We use the
January 17th, January 31st
Argentina, Chile

The Andes cross – Pichachen Pass, from Argentina to Chile

Book Now The Andes cross - Pichachen Pass starts in Argentina and finishes in Chile. We start our
March 6th
Argentina, Chile

Heart of the Andes, the hidden tracks of Patagonia

Book Now This fantastic MTB Tour is truly done in the heart of the Andes in Patagonia. We
February 21st

L’Isola di Sicilia, bike tour from Siracusa to Etna volcano

L'Isola di Sicilia is the biggest island in the Mediterranean ocean. Surrounded by Sardinia, the Italic Peninsula, Greece
May 16th

Al-Andalus mountain bike tour in Andalusia

Al-Andalus mountain bike tour in Andalusia is located in the south of Spain
May 29th