About MTB Tours

The history of MTB Tours started in 1994. Still as a very young guy and after having worked at four-five different boring jobs, I realized that enjoying and loving my work was something that I should really care about, as probably it would last a lifetime. I knew what I wanted! Sports, exploring nature, being away from the hectic city pace, meeting different kinds of people from different places, sharing with them an outdoor experience, speaking different languages and helping others to learn about the environment and sports. Those were the main reasons why I wanted to start bike touring. But god! how difficult it looked at that time to start a mtb tours company. With lot of courage I moved on and also started my physical education career, very necesary to improve my knowledge about the human body and sports.  I was also lucky, I can tell now,  as there weren’t many companies on the road. I guess that MTB Tours was one of the first bike tour organizations in South America. More than twenty years later I can say our philosophy is to provide the best possible holidays experience, excellent quality care and lot of attention to details. You can travel to many places and with lots of people, but we think people remember first of all , those trips that leave an outstanding experience where you are led by guides that give you the proper answer, lead you with responsability and give you personal and efficient attention to any problem that might show up.
We neved ended learning and now we can say that customers are used to our professionalism and attention to details. Every tour include challenges, and the lesson is how do we deal with them, isn’t it?
Our customers always remind us that they continue travelling with us because they trust that no matter where we go, they will have a great experience surrounded by excellent challenging routes, beautiful landscapes, tasty South American meals and a cozy group atmosphere. We believe in human quality, organization and creativity, and all this is supported by a great and enthusiastic crew that believe in the idea of delivering the best possible holiday experience.
Bienvenidos al espíritu MTB Tours!!

Mariano D’Alessandro

Our team

Mariano D’Alessandro (Buenos Aires)

We don´t know why he has this reputation of being “The boss”, Mariano started to write MTB Tour´s history in 1994, without knowing exactly where to go. His values were to love his job, meet people and help them live rich experiences by mixing nature and sports and help them get little but important personal achievements involved in a harmonic and warm atmosphere.
He’s a Fitness Education teacher and participates in scheduled tour plan and works in the planning of future tours and scouting. He run more than five hundred bike trips, including more than sixty Andes crossings, all this left him a huge experience. He has travelled with bikers from all over the world; he gave conferences at Tourism and Fitness Education Universities and also contributed for local and overseas sports articles. His values are still the same.

  • Degree in Fitness Education (2002). Mountain bike guide since 1994.
  • Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • First aids course at the “Facultad de medicina”, Universidad de Buenos Aires (’94).
  • Wilderness Advance First Aids course (PAZA) (2004)

Oscar Mendez (Tandil)


  • He works as a mountain bike, trekking and climbing guide in Tandil, Buenos Aires Province. He earned a huge experience by leading many trips in the South of the Patagonia, he is really in good shape and always giving organization capability and the necessary share of sensitivity to detect the group needs at the right time.
  • Mountain and mountain bike guide with accreditation in Tandil city, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
  • Three climbs and expeditions at the “Cerro Aconcagua (6962 mts.)” and six at the “Lanin Volcano (3776 mts.)
  • Planning and logistics on the “Adventure Race” of Tandil ( 1°, 2°, 3°and 4°) (1200 racers).
  •  “Mountain search and rescue” course, by Alejandro Randis and First Aids course, by Dr. Iparraguirre.

Rolo Benassi (Córdoba)


  • He was a hiking guide and a climbing instructor when he decided to join MTB Tours at our first trips together in 1995 in Quebrada del Condorito, an awesome Condor’s reserve located in Cordoba Province.
    He is an excellent, organized and responsible guide, he has the accurate “group timing” that he learned after many experiences at the Mount Aconcagua and of course a brillant mountain cook that will delight bikers in the midle of the Andes with his various recipes. He always contributes with a lot of fun by creating an excellent atmosphere while he tells “local fun stories” and he’s very professional and “fast for the demanding trip times.
  • Mountain Guide (Trekking guide in the Andes Range) Certified by the “Asociación Argentina de Guías de Montaña”.
  • Socorrista para Excursionismo (Certified by the “Red Cross” and the “Instituto Argentino de Montañismo”)
  • Several clims and expeditions to “Cerros Rincón, Aconcagua, Plata, Pico Vallecito, Bonete and Lanin Volcano”.
  • Learning course for guides applying at the “Quebrada del Condorito” National Park. Córdoba, Argentina. 2002.

Eduardo Jerez – El Tucu (Tucumán)

 Tucu started travelling with us in 1997 and since then he has done probably all our tours! In 2012 he joined our team and he works in the logístics of our three tours in the Andes. He’s not only enthusiastic and knowledgeable, he’s a great partner and always welcome every biker with a handy word and a smile.


Patricia Chavez  – Pato (Malargüe, Mendoza)

Pato started to participate in the logistics of the Andes cross in 2012. She is not only an excellent cook, she has a wide experience in mountain expeditions, including the summit of Cerro Aconcagua, the highest in the Americas. Nothing better than combining in one person the art of cooking in the mountain environment and the knowledge of bikers needs under high demand circumstances.

Cesar Moya – Sugus (Malargüe, Mendoza)

Sugus started to participate in the logistics of the Andes crossings in 2011. He’s an excellent bike mechanic and today he’s not only in charge of camp logistics in the Andes cross, but also in charge of the necessary mountain equipment and gear (Bikes, tents, heavy camp structure). He has a great sense of humor, very good knowledge of the terrain and a remarkable commitment.