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Andalusia is located in the south of Spain, it’s nearly
May 15th

L'Isola di Sicilia, from Siracusa to Etna volcano

L'Isola di Sicilia is the biggest island in the Mediterranean
May 4th

The Calchaquies Valleys, from Salta to Tucuman

A bike journey in Salta packed with highlights, through a
September 28th

Trascandonga, mountain bike in Cordoba

Central argentinean Cordoba is the perfect land for mountain bike.

From the salt mines to the jungle, in Salta and Jujuy

This tour is a wonderful introduction to the Andean Altiplano,
April 5th, October 26th
Jujuy, Salta

Costa dos Coqueiros, through the beautiful beaches of Bahia

Cycling in Bahia coconuts palm coast (Costa dos Coqueiros) is
November 25th

The route of discovery, through the beautiful beaches of Bahia

500 years later, the sun still shines brightly, the native
December 2nd

Heart of the Andes, the jewel of Patagonia

This fantastic MTB Tour is truly done in the heart
January 25th

La Cumbrecita, mountain bike in Cordoba

At the beginning of the 1900 years German and Swiss

The Andes cross - Pichachen Pass, from Argentina to Chile

This is a fantastic plenty of contrasts Andes cross tour.
January 11th

Nevado del Aconquija, from Tucuman to Catamarca

"Nevado de Aconquija" is beautiful and very challenging ride in
August 31st

Uruguay en bici: Carmelo a Colonia

Nuestro viaje en Uruguay tiene ese aire campechano de otras épocas. 
November 24th

The Andes Cross through Vergara Pass

This fantastic Andes cross will take you over and through
February 15th, March 1st
Argentina, Chile

The tour of the Swiss Alps, from Rorschach to Montreux

Probably the fact of travelling and crossing one country from

The Pyrenees tour, the great european adventure

First of all mountain biking in the Pyrenees is an
July 5th
France, Spain
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Tour Reviews


The Andes Cross through Vergara Pass

Dear Mariano,
Although facing constant head wind, steady climbs (at least for the first three days), dust clouds, heat and cold, this was the most amazing bike ride I have ever experienced. The Andes mountain range is one of the most compelling and fascinating places on this planet. Every group member could travel each section at his or her own speed, providing you very often with the feeling, that you were crossing the Andes on your own, as no one seemed to be in front or behind you. It is also worth mentioning that the organization of the trip and the service provided during the ride was excellent. Finally the camaraderie among each team member was overwhelming. This experience wants me to explore more of South America.

Terry Muvdi

The Pyrenees tour, the great european adventure

Very personal and professional the way you have organized the Pirineos Tour. You took care of every detail and that made us feel very comfortable and at ease. The experience of riding through two different countries (Spain and France) through romanic trails and old medieval towns gave us a chance to enjoy a variety of cultures and cuisines.