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YearMonthDateDestinationLocationPriceBookings / Availability
2019May3rd to 11thThe Talampaya CanyonLa Rioja & San Juan, Argentina€107321 bookings
16  5  Fully booked!
2019June1th to 7thThe route of NapoleonFrance€19854 bookings
2019June9th to 15thThe wine route of AlsaceGermany and France€19509 bookings
 1 spot available
2019July5th to 14thThe Pyrenees tourSpain and France€20501 booking
2019August16th to 19thTrascandongaCordoba, Argentina€5273 bookings
2019September6th to 15thCalchaqui ValleysSalta & Tucuman, Argentina€107321 bookings
17 2
Fully booked!
2019September23th to 29thToscanaItaly€195010 bookings
Fully booked!
2019November1st to 10thFrom the salt mines to the jungleSalta & Jujuy, Argentina€107314 bookings
8 3 1 1 1
2019NovemberNov 24 to Dec 1stThe coconuts palm coastBrazil€6656 bookings
2019DecemberDec 1st to 8thThe route of discoveryBrazil€6256 bookings
2020January17 to 25thThe Andes cross – Vergara PassArgentina & Chile€11005 bookings
2020JanuaryJan 31th to February 8thThe Andes cross – Vergara PassArgentina & Chile€11005 bookings
2 2
2020FebruaryFeb 21st to March 1stThe heart of the AndesArgentina€11631 booking
2020March6th to 15thThe Andes cross – Pichachen PassArgentina & Chile€11455 bookings
2020MarchMarch 27th to April 5thFrom the salt mines to the jungleSalta & Jujuy, Argentina€1073
2020AprilApril 24th to May 2ndThe canyon of TalampayaLa Rioja, Argentina€1073
2020May16th to 24thL’Isola di SiciliaItaly€20507 bookings
6 1
2020MayMay 29th to June 6thAl-Andalus, through the Mozarab Jacobin roadSpain€2050
2020July2 to 11The Pyrenees tourSpain & France€2050