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L'Isola di Sicilia

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean ocean. Surrounded
May 16th, May 5th

Calchaqui Valley

  A bike journey packed with highlights, through a region
September 28th


At the old Spanish Jesuit order "ranches" and small colonization
August 18th

From the salt mines to the jungle

  This tour is a  wonderful introduction to the Andean
April 13th
Jujuy, Salta

The coconuts palm coast

  Cycling in the Bahia’s coconut palm coast is absolutely
November 26th

The route of discovery

500 years later, the sun still shines brightly, the native
December 3rd

Heart of the Andes

This fantastic MTB Tour is truly done in the heart
January 19th

La Cumbrecita

At the beginning of the 1900 years German and Swiss
November 26th

The Andes cross - Pichachen Pass

This is a fantastic plenty of contrasts Andes ride that
January 5th

Nevado del Aconquija

"Nevado de Aconquija" is beautiful and very challenging ride where we'll
August 31st

Carmelo a Colonia

El oeste uruguayo, con ese aire campechano de otras épocas, propone
December 2nd, March 17th

The Andes Cross - Vergara Pass

This fantastic journey will take you over and through the
February 23rd, February 9th
Argentina, Chile

The tour of the Swiss Alps

Probably the fact of travelling and crossing one country from

The Pyrenees Tour

Biking in the Pyrenees is an amazing experience for those
June 21st
France, Spain
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Tour Reviews

Terry Muvdi

The Pyrenees Tour

Very personal and professional the way you have organized the Pirineos Tour. You took care of every detail and that made us feel very comfortable and at ease. The experience of riding through two different countries (Spain and France) through romanic trails and old medieval towns gave us a chance to enjoy a variety of cultures and cuisines.


Nevado del Aconquija

Mariano certainly looked after us! A fabulous time was had in the ranges of the north-west with about a dozen others. Tucumano and Catamarqueño cuisine was sampled along the way, in fact the food got better and better as the week progressed. So thanks to mtbtours for a great time, excellent organisation and fine road choices. The daily rides did not seem to far, the hill climbs were rewarding and the downhills an absolute blast. I highly recommend this tour and its manager, Mariano.